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For most of us, the first thing we lay our eyes on when we step into a wedding reception is the beautiful decoration that covers all the various areas and corners in the wedding hall. From wedding table decorations, lighting, backdrops, table centre pieces, you name it. Even down to the smallest details, like the floral arrangement tied at the aisle. These will set the look and feel for a wedding, as well as the mood, which will influence the success of the event. Impressing your guests and making them feel good is a crucial part of hosting, for weddings and other events as well. 

So after deciding on your venue, the next question is how and what to include for your wedding reception decoration.  

1.Choose the theme and colour palette that compliments the venue. 

Take some time to discuss with your other half what you both envision on your wedding day. Take inspiration from your daily lives or the common activities you enjoy to kick start your brainstorming. Every love story is different so adding a bit of your personal touch will add a deeper meaning to your wedding reception decor.  

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Here’s one we did at Dutch Pavilion for Rebekah, featuring our 9 piece frame set against the natural light coming in from the colonial-style windows. The all-white colour palette was specifically chosen as it was the bride’s favourite colour. It also symbolises light, purity and divine love.  

2.Run through the itinerary for the reception and consider the highlights 

Wedding Reception Decoration

If you would like to waltz down the aisle consider adding on our fairy lights platform.  

Wedding Reception Table Decoration

If you would like your guests to mingle right before getting seated, consider adding a photo gallery to showcase your pre-wedding shoot photos and add some cocktail tables for your guests to mingle.

Wedding Tables Decoration Singapore

Thinking of giving a heartfelt speech during your reception? Then why not add some decoration around the rostrum!

  Wedding Table Decoration

Looking for wedding reception table decor in Singapore? Consider getting an area that brings your guests together and write down their blessings with our wedding reception table decoration. There are endless possibilities to create the perfect wedding reception decorations!  

3.Look for the right vendor that is available for your big day 

Last but not least, choosing the right vendor to help you realise your dreams!   As one of the many vendors that offer wedding reception decoration in Singapore, our team at The Wedding Props will be able to rise to the occasion and deliver as promised. Click on this link to see what our clients have to say!