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Wedding Reception Decorations that POP! and are Instagram Worthy

For most of us, the first thing we lay out eyes on when we step into a wedding reception is the beautiful decoration that covered all the various areas and corners in the wedding hall. Reception table, lighting, backdrops, table centrepieces, you name it. Even down to the smallest details, like the floral arrangement tied at the aisle. These will set the look and feel for a wedding, as well as the mood, which will have an influence on the success of the event. Impressing your guests and making them feel good is a crucial part of hosting, for weddings and other events as well.

Botanical Theme

With lots of greens and light, woody touches, the Botanical theme is one that is highly popular among couples in recent years. The garden look gives it a carefree and calm feel, which can be a contrast to the hustle and bustle in many people’s everyday life. Open and approachable, couples that chose this style are usually ones that prefer things to be simple and minimal, instead of being complex and too sophisticated.

Album Table

Woody crates work really well when placed together with the other botanical props. The whites from the background, table cloth and photo frames give the overall a slightly cleaner look.

Table decor

With simple, curated botany décor, along with some accompanying props like candles and pine cones, this table décor is especially well-suited for long tables. A touch of baby breath flowers can elevate the look too.

Alternatively, opt for vases and some flowering stalks for the extra pop. More options and flexibility for styling and they take up less table space too. These flowers also can add some fragrance to the ambience, giving an additional sensory experience for the guests.

Aisle Decoration

The placement of the greenery, in this case of Botanical theme, is made to look natural and seamless with the venue. By laying them on the floor and attaching the plants directly onto the wall, no additional structure is required, saving cost while achieving a unique, refreshing look for the wedding decoration set up.

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wedding reception table decorations

wedding table decorations

wedding reception decorations