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Wedding Props and Backdrop Rentals

wedding backdrop Singapore

Wedding props and backdrops are essentials when it comes to planning a wedding event. Be it a small solemnization or a 1000-seat banquet, the wedding props and backdrops at your event venue will determine the look and feel of your wedding. One simple yet powerful tip we have: Choose what you like! Don’t have to overthink about which prop is the best or which backdrop is the trendiest. Ultimately, it all boils down to how you feel about your wedding event. It is your wedding (with your partner, of course) and it should be set up to your liking. If you are not going to DIY, your best chance is to look for vendors for wedding props and backdrop rental. Getting professional assistance will save you tons of time and effort, which can be redirected to other aspects of your wedding. Also, for those that are not well-versed in designing, getting assistance from wedding stylists can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your wedding event.

Wedding Backdrop Rentals in all Styles and Themes

At The Wedding Props, we are constantly curating different styles and themes. From classic to trendy ones, we have quite a handful of wedding props and backdrop available for couples to choose from. One of our most popular theme is the Dusty Romance, which comprises dark woody tones along with shades of red and purple, giving a mysterious yet elegant feel. The Botanical theme is another easy-pick, with lots of greens and natural wood. Best for those that wants a clean and somewhat minimal style, at the same time suitable for outdoor events as well. We are always on the lookout for outstanding themes to add to our catalogue and portfolio, so do check back regularly for updates!

Custom Backdrop Designs & Ideas

Everyone has a dream wedding and we can help you embrace it and making it come true. With our in-house production team, along with our professional wedding stylists, we are able to conceptualise, advise, fabricate and ultimately execute the wedding theme you have in mind. From personalised flowers arrangement to laser cut signage and unique backdrops, we are here to bring your ideas to reality. Additionally, large marquee lights in the form of the couple’s names are also quite popular (link). Our favourite example is the wedding set up we did for Chloe and Choon Yan (link), which has a quirky theme, one that is uniquely theirs’! With good communication and planning, we are proud to be able to pull it off for them, giving them a wedding to remember.

Wedding Props Rental to complete the look without

Ever thought of not having any props for your wedding? Think again. In some ways, wedding are made up of various wedding props, be it outstanding or subtle. A lot of times, the venue host might have some generic wedding props set up available, such as tiffany chairs, simple flower for table centrepiece, decoration at the reception booth and more. Even a mock-up wedding cake is considered a wedding prop! As we said earlier, wedding props are highly essential. Since you cannot avoid having some sort of decorations for your wedding, why not do it better and bring it up a notch? Moreoever, it is your once-in-a-lifetime forever-and-ever, we urge you have a memorable wedding, one that you won’t regret!