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Fair Lights

How to Use Fairy Light Decorations for a Stunning Effect

Fairy lights are an interesting addition to any party, event, or even just everyday aesthetics. Economically priced and convenient, fairy lights are sure to light up your world and create some truly magical effects. Find out more about fairy lights and how we like to use them!

What are Fairy Lights?

With all the festive celebrations in Singapore, chances are you’ve seen fairy light decorations at some point. Fairy lights are small lamps that are strung together and can come in different colours and sizes for each occasion. Since fairy lights are usually not very bright, they are less for lighting purposes and more for decoration. You’ve probably seen fairy lights decoration wrapped around Christmas trees, hung on HDB windows, or draped across doorways. Fairy lights can be found everywhere to celebrate Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and just about anything else. Costing around just a few dollars, fairy lights are the perfect decoration to create that magical atmosphere no matter the occasion.

fairy lights decoration

Do Fairy Lights Last Long?

Most fairy lights are battery-operated and can last for anywhere from 4 hours to over a hundred hours. Of all the colours in fairy lights, blue and green tend to take up the most energy, so you may need to replace the batteries more frequently if your fairy light backdrop consists of these two colours. Fairy lights can also be turned off when not in use, saving power for when you do need them. They are frequently turned on at night or in the dark, making them much more obvious and dazzling. Some fairy lights have different patterns and brightness, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

Where are the Best Places to Use Fairy Lights Decoration?

You can use fairy lights just about anywhere and for any purpose – just let your creativity run free! If you’re out of ideas though, try some of our favourite suggestions to begin with.

fairy lights backdrop

Christmas Tree

No Christmas tree is complete without a string of fairy lights draped all around it. Fairy lights come in all sorts of patterns and colours, but they all bring life to an otherwise drab Christmas tree. To create a cosy, festive environment, putting some fairy lights around your Christmas tree is a must. Here’s a pro tip: instead of wrapping the lights around the tree horizontally as most people do, what about hanging your fairy lights vertically down the tree? This can not only make it easier to set up and take down your fairy lights, it can also minimise the lights getting snagged on the tree’s branches. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Photo Booth

Ever been to a party with plenty of fairy lights? Many party photo booths make use of fairy light backdrops for creative, filter-like photo effects. Since fairy lights weren’t originally meant to be photo booth props, one may require some care to take a good-looking photo with these sparkling lights. However, when done right, a fairy-lit background can make for a stunning new profile picture. If you have any selfie addicts coming to your party, they’ll be sure to love your new fairy light backdrop!


The familiar sight of fairy lights adorning the top of your window frame can create an inviting effect. It tends to make your home or room feel cosier and livelier, adding to the ambience of the place. Although they are usually only seen during festivals, fairy lights can decorate your windows all year round! You could place some slow, calming fairy lights around your bedroom windows for a dreamy feel, or hang them above your living room windows for an exquisite, stylish look that will wow your visitors on any occasion.

Hanging from the Air

You could also create a makeshift curtain or partition with fairy lights alone. Instead of going for an ordinary door or divider, a fairy light curtain is sure to draw attention. It makes the whole place look more magical, especially if you dim some of the overhead lights. Some people like to drape single, spaced-out strands of fairy lights down from the ceiling, giving their guests the feeling of being in a wonderland. Fairy lights are one of the best tools in anyone’s arsenal if they’re looking to transform an ordinary house into a full-fledged festival zone.


Nothing draws attention to a signboard more than a string of fairy lights framing it, much more so when the lights are moving. Try getting some fast-moving, cheery fairy lights to decorate your signboard, and watch as more people start looking at it. Flashing light signboards are one thing, but fairy lights lend a more sophisticated air that can enhance any ordinary signboard, even if it’s just your chalkboard menu or a plastic notice. Try out different fairy light styles and see what works best for your signboard!