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For the Arch-Lovers: Choosing the right wedding Arch

Choosing the right wedding arch can be just as exciting and important as choosing the perfect wedding dress! With all the things to check off on your wedding checklist (which is an important topic for another day), one of the top priorities is definitely the decorations and props that set the right tone for the entire wedding celebration.

The main topic for today: Wedding Arches. With so many different shapes and sizes to choose from (in fact, the possibilities are endless), how does one get started?

Don’t worry. We are here to break it down for you.

Space: Whether your dream wedding arch fits into your venue

You may have your eyes on the perfect arch. But if it can’t physically fit into your venue or if it doesn’t quite go with your other props like the solemnisation table and witnesses’ and couple’s chairs, that it won’t work.

You also have to take into account the height of the wedding party, including people like the Justice of the Peace, etc. Will the arch look too short or too tall in the photos? There’s no one-size-fits-all, so it is always preferable that you ask vendors to take some site measurements just to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Theme: Picking that style/theme/color combination that you like!

It is best that your wedding arch fits into the theme of your wedding, something that shouts ‘you’. From the colours to the types of floral decor, wedding arches can be customised to complement your theme. Some might even say that wedding arches can be the centrepiece of the wedding!

For more inspiration on colours and themes, check out our take on 2020’s trendy colour palette here.

Shape of the arch

Shape of arch
Shape of arch 2

Can’t go wrong with the popular circle arch! The symbolism behind it is what makes it even popular; ‘Endless’ and ‘Forever’. It signifies that your love for each other is endless like the circle; a forever love story.

There’s definitely more than two sides to a love fairytale. The number six symbolizes ‘Love’. Hexagon is also believed to be a symbol of harmony and balance, also known as the strongest shape of all shapes. Perfect for the power couples!

The symbolism love 2

Representing stability and power for a strong-bonded couple. A unique arch to make your wedding standout! It is usually paired with the bohemian-chic theme. 

Another popular choice is to have a set of columns as the arch. These columns can be beautified with floral designs to complete a soft, subtle look. Suitable for couples who don’t want to go overboard with the arch design!

Taking the next step, together

Having an arch on your special day, the day you become Husband and Wife, symbolises the future of the couple. As the two of you take your first steps through the arch and into the future, embarking on this new journey in life together, we hope these little tips can help make this moment a perfect one.