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Wedding Decoration

Best Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Is it possible to throw a grand wedding on a budget? We’ve met many couples who worry about having to cut corners on their dream wedding just so they can foot the bill. Fortunately, we’re glad to say that it’s definitely possible to come up with the best wedding reception table decorations despite your budget!

Wedding decorations help to turn your big day into a truly magical occasion for that special someone and yourself. There’s no reason why you and your spouse-to-be would have to short-change yourselves instead of throwing the best wedding reception you’ve always dreamed of. For a more stress-free planning process, read on to learn more about how you can procure the best wedding reception decorations without breaking the bank.

Make It Yourself

If you prefer something more hands-on, you’ll be sure to love the thrill of making your own wedding reception decorations. Apart from being easy on your budget and environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself wedding reception table decorations can be customised up to however you’d like them to look. Fancy a rustic touch or a pastel scheme? You can get every detail right by hand-tailoring your very own wedding decorations and still make your wedding décor look as good as store-bought ones.

What’s more, this is the perfect opportunity to get your loved ones involved in the wedding planning process and forge closer bonds over making DIY decorations!

Wedding receptions can sound like a huge undertaking – we totally understand feeling lost when you first plan to make your own decorations. If you need some ideas on where and how to begin, we recommend initially making a list of the types of decorations you need and how many of each you’d like.

Draft out a plan for where you’d like to place everything in your wedding reception. You may also want to list out the materials and decorative items you’ll need to get everything set up.

Recycle and Repurpose

wedding reception decorations

Instead of getting double decorations for both your ceremony and reception, why not just repurpose your ceremony décor for your reception? Most items you’ll be using for your wedding ceremony can also be used for your reception, such as the backdrop, seating, bouquets, and rugs. A little bit of repurposing and shifting can be a great budget saver, not to mention an excellent stress reliever!

If it’s not possible to repurpose your ceremony décor, you could also reuse some items from your home, such as decorative pillows, chairs, rugs, or anything else that could fit in as a wedding reception decorations. Perhaps you have an old table that hasn’t been used for quite some time, or you have some extra displays that could be put to better use to decorate your wedding reception.

You don’t have to use your home furniture as-is either – nothing’s stopping you from getting creative and improvising on what you already have! The added benefit is that when your wedding reception consists of your home furniture items, the wedding will feel less like an impersonal occasion and more uniquely “you”. You don’t have to buy the grandest décor to make your wedding feel warm and inviting.

Rent and Shop Second-hand

Wedding reception décor is often used for just the one-off occasion. Instead of purchasing brand new décor just for your big day, what about buying a good-condition second-hand item or even renting one? This may be a good idea particularly for large wedding decorations, such as centrepieces, arches, and seating, where getting refurbished ones at a fraction of the original cost can be a lifesaver.

Purchasing them brand-new would not only put a dent in your budget, it would also leave you with huge white elephants after your wedding. To save on costs, storage space, and transportation, we highly recommend checking out a second-hand store or a rental shop for some of your wedding decorations.

wedding reception table decorations

Add a Touch of Greenery

Bring nature to your wedding’s doorstep with some decorative plants! Inexpensive and flexible, the right assortment of plants can breathe new life into your wedding reception all while being light on your wallet.

Whether you’re looking at potted plants, wreaths and garlands, succulents, or even huge leafy greens, you’ll definitely be able to find a plant for any occasion. If you’re short on budget for professional floral arrangements, substituting in some green plants for décor would be a great, cost-friendly alternative.

What are your favorite ideas for reducing the costs of your wedding reception decoration? Remember that hosting the most memorable wedding reception doesn’t require more funds than you’re able or willing to afford.

The most important thing is to come up with a realistic budget and simply adapt your plans so that you can stick to it. Above all, we hope you’ll have plenty of fun planning such a joyous occasion!